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Payment types

So you pay for your order - Easy, fast and safe!

  1. Bank Transfer
    Bank Transfer is, you shall pay us in advance the money to our account. You will receive the confirmation e-mail for account details to which you entrichtest the amount due. Immediately after booking the invoice amount to our account, we will ship your ordered items. Please note that we do not collect the invoice amount in advance payment from your account. You have to manually transfer the amount to our account.
  2. Cash on delivery + 3.60 EUR fee
    When paying by cash you pay the invoice amount in cash to the postman who brings you your order. Please be aware that when paying another 2 euro delivery fee to DHL arise on delivery. We ship all COD shipments via DHL. Therefore, you can also easily pick up at the post office near you your mission - if once no one should be in your home. If the delivery can not deliver the shipment, you can find an appropriate notification in your mailbox.

    A request to you: time and again come back COD shipments because they were undeliverable or were not picked up. This causes unnecessary and high costs. So please empty your mailbox regularly if you expect a COD shipment. Question once at your neighbors to see if this has accepted your shipment. And guess During checkout forget to specify your postal details as the delivery address is incorrect.

  3. PayPal
    If you decide for the payment option PayPal You will be taken after you submit your order to the secure encrypted by SSL website of the payment service PayPal. Sign there one with your Paypal login and confirm the payment to rocknshop.de. After successful payment you will receive an automated confirmation email from PayPal. If you still do not have a PayPal account, can you set up a new account and charge it by credit card, debit card or bank transfer. Payment with PayPal is free of charge for you. More information is available here.

    "Sofort Überweisung" is the innovative Direct Transfer Scheme with TUV certificate and TUV certified transaction security. "Sofort Überweisung" was developed by Payment Network AG and is already being used by thousands of online sellers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    Using the secure, not accessible for online provider payment form by Payment Network AG advance automatically and in real time a referral in your online bank account. The purchase amount is transferred instantly and directly into the bank account of the merchant. More information is available here.

    The operator of the service Instant Transfer, Payment Network AG, has signed an insurance policy in your favor, replaced the losses incurred through misuse in accordance with the reproduced on this link insurance conditions. This you shall be protected under the insurance required from potential liability risks. In this connection, we point out that there are many banks and savings banks, which assume that the use of the service "Instant Transfer" because of the use of your PIN and TAN leads to a shift liability for any misuse by third parties. This can lead to the fact that your bank refuses in abuse case to take the damage and to bear the loss as a result you have. It is noted, however, that it has so far been no abuses in the service "Instant Transfer" (TÜV certified online payment system). There is also the aforementioned insurance coverage. Date: 17.10.2007

  5. Credit card
    If paying by credit card, the amount is reserved on your card and debited upon shipment of goods to task your order. For payment you will need your card number, expiry date, if necessary, the printed name and your card verification. The Card Security Code is a safety feature especially used by the credit card companies, is ensured through their input that the credit card is actually present when ordering. For VISA and MasterCard / Euro Card, you can find the 3-digit security code on the back of your credit card imprinted. There's a long number. The last three digits of this number are the check digit.

    afety is our top priority. Therefore, we use MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa as a current safety standards. What does this mean for you?

    If you choose to pay with your credit card during the checkout process your SecureCode or Verified by Visa your code will be requested if your bank where you are with your credit card, takes part in this safety standard. If you do not have a SecureCode / Verified by Visa code have, you can easily either register directly for the respective process or skip registration.

    Once you've registered and created your own private SecureCode, you will be automatically prompted by your financial institution at checkout to provide your SecureCode each time you make a purchase with a participating online merchant. Your SecureCode is quickly confirmed by your financial institution and then your purchase is completed. Your SecureCode will never be shared with the merchant. It's just like entering your PIN at an ATM.

    When you correctly enter your SecureCode during a purchase at a participating online merchant, you confirm that you are the authorized cardholder and your purchase is then completed. If an incorrect SecureCode is entered, the purchase will not be completed. Even if someone knows your credit or debit card number, the purchase cannot be completed without your SecureCode at a participating merchant.

The information on this site are non-binding. For information on this page, we expressly disclaim any liability. Accordingly, we are not liable for damages resulting from any.
The site is intended primarily to let you know about the SecureCode process, in our view. For binding information about Secure code please contact your bank.

For any further information please teach this to support@rocknshop.de

Also you can you also contact us if an error occurs in the process: support@rocknshop.de We then try to give some to you.